Thank you Nederland

About TNL

Thank you Nederland (TNL) vision is to see best understanding between Native and non-native residents of a country.
A country is like a home where everyone has the same rights, same facilities, same opportunities, and the same treatment as other family members, without any discrimination.

If anything is missing then we can say that is only a living place, not a home, but as the members of the same family and home, everyone have to play their positive role.

The Netherlanders didn’t accept asylum seekers and migrants as only guests, they are accepting them as a family members, with complete protection and equal rights. People from different countries, nations, different gender and religions, different skin colours and cultures.
The question is how present and future generations can live with love, peace and harmony, without any fear and confusion and in unity in diversity?


Integration with love and respect is essential in all countries without this it’s very difficult to live together in peace and harmony and without peace and harmony no development no prosperity only civil war and disasters. Yes, there is huge diversity in the whole world and in different countries but we have to learn to live in unity even in diversity.
How TNL work for integration.
Through Awareness meetings, Get-togethers, visitation, charity work, Literature, Sports, Languages and cultural understandings etc.

History of Asylum and Migration

The history of immigration and Asylum-seeking is as old as the first humans, according to the first book of the Bible (Tohra) Genesis chapter 12. Prophet Ibrahim migrated from Harran (Iraq) to Canaan (Israel), As God told him.
But due to famine, he got Asylum in Egypt with his family.

The second biggest historical example is when Joseph was sold to Egyptians and became Egypt’s prime minister. His father Jacob and all 11 of his brothers and their families got Asylum in Egypt because of the Famine. ”The time that the people of Israel lived in Egypt was 430 years. At the end of 430 years, on that very day, all the people of the Lord went out from the land of Egypt”.

(Exodus 12:40–41)  Read More

The Important thing is that before letting the descendants of prophet Jacob in the promised land Canaan (Israel), God gave them a lot of commands and instructions, including rules about Refugees.

God commanded them to dedicate 6 cities for Foreigners / Refuges. (Numbers 35-15) and he also told them not to hate Egyptians because they helped them when they were in need.

This is the historical background…
“Why is the Netherlands accepting everyone”?
Now, let me tell you why the Netherlands is accepting everyone.
The Netherlands is a democratic country that provides equal rights to everyone despite skin colour.

In1947, 99% of the population of Nederland was Christian but now that number has dropped, Dutch laws are based on the Bible. You can see here in Nederland almost all official holidays are related to the bible like Christmas, Easter, the day of Pentecost, etc. Jesus teaches us to love our neighbours and foreigners, love our enemies and pray for those who hate us. He also teaches us to help everyone who is in trouble. (Mathew 25:35-40) That’s why we are accepting everyone in Nederland. (Arnout Schuurman)

Motivation behind TNL?

I am Gul Irfan khan going to give you another glimpse of migration and relation of the present world. And the motivation behind the TNL.

Almost everyone knows the story of Noah that is written in one of the oldest books of the world, The Bible(Torah). After the flood, only Noah, his wife, and his three sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and their wives were saved. (8 people)
Descendants of Shem are Hebrews like Abraham/ David/ Iraqi people, also Persians and Syrians etc.

Descendants of Ham are Canaanites, Egyptians, Philistines, etc. these people also went to Africa and settled there.

Descendants of Japheth are Greek, Thracians, and Scythians. They were settled in Europe and Asia Minor.

“Cheddar Man”! What is Cheddar man? You can search online or read BBC or CNN news on 9th Feb 2018 (for more details). Britain scientists discovered a 10,000-year-old complete and historic skeleton. And after 40 years of research, it is believed that he had blue eyes, “dark brown skin,” and “dark curly hair. They also believe that Early Britons migrated from the middle east and Africa. Not all! But the majority of Scientists also agree that skin colour was changed into white because of less vitamin D in their diet.

The present research is supporting my first point from the Bible.
Yes! We are really one family, and we have to live like a family. Sometimes, we live together but don’t know each other.

For example, one day, I was standing outside my language school in Stadskanaal, and suddenly it started to rain while I was preparing myself to come back home. Few Dutch student girls ran inside the building.
When they saw me standing there, one girl shouted “Allah hu Akbar.”
( it means God is Great) and then she made sound THA( like a bomb blast). They made me realize that I am a terrorist. I think this was a big misunderstanding. We must communicate for better understanding.

Yes, Some of our brothers and sisters have reservations; we must deal with that and take the initiative against intolerance. Yes, our native countries have different rules and different cultures. We have to adjust ourselves according to our present land. We and our generations have to set an ideal example for other nations who are fighting and killing each other. They are living without tolerance. We have to tell and show them that yes!! We are united in diversity, and we are Netherlanders living in peace and harmony as one family. We need your help and support to reach all people living in the Netherlands with this massage. If you can, please contact us. THANK U, NEDERLAND.

Future Plan

After Nederland, we will start more TNL chapters in different countries like Pakistan, UK, the USA, etc. Especially in countries with a hugely diverse population like asylum seekers, migrants, different religions, people without religion, skin colours, gender, etc.

knowledge exchange

Knowledge for all (k4all): Sharing knowledge through online speech competitions and motivation to know different religions and cultures through books and other sources.

Charity work

Charity work with love, respect, for more understanding and for prosperity without any discrimination and boundaries crosses the border according to the need and situation.

Small Steps Create a Big Difference